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Take a look at a few of my clients’ books…

Coyote_at_seaCoyote Lost at Sea: The story of Mike Plant, America’s daring solo circumnavigator
Julia Plant
(International Marine Publishing, div. of McGraw Hill, 2013)

I so enjoyed working with Julia on this book, the story of her brother, Mike Plant. It’s not only an exploration of his disappearance at sea in 1992, but delves into all that led up to his final solo voyage. Mike’s amzon_image_largelife was certainly not conventional, and Julia tells his story—and that of their family—in a sensitive way. The book also recounts a life based on challenge and adventure. Although it centers on a life cut short and a tragedy in the world of sailing, those who read tales of adventure will find this a fascinating book.

“Thanks to Virginia, my editor, who took my very messy manuscript and created a book.” – Julia Plant

doc_I_want_my_brain_backDoc, I Want My Brain Back
Dan Greathouse
(CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform November 22, 2013)
Dan Greathouse, one of my clients, has just released his book, “Doc, I want my brain back!”, the story of his journey from a serious brain injury to fully restored health. His case is described in my coauthored book, The Oxygen Revolution, which is about hyperbaric oxygen treatment–HBOT.

amzon_image_largeDan was one of Dr. Paul Harch’s patients and now Dan wants to spread the word about the treatment that gave him back his brain and, therefore, his life. Through this book and what comes from it, Dan can continue spreading the word about Dr. Harch’s pioneering use of HBOT to treat traumatic brain injuries affecting our veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s available on all the online outlets and Amazon sells a print edition, too.

Virginia, this book would never have happened without you….When I grow up, I want to be a writer like you. –Dan Greathouse

adrenal_fatigueAdrenal Fatigue Syndrome: Reclaim your energy and vitality with clinically proven natural programs
Michael Lam, MD
(Adrenal Institute Press, 2012)

Dr. Lam took on a major topic in this book. First, adrenal fatigue still amzon_image_largeisn’t widely discussed in conventional medical practices, and tends to be viewed as a disease only in its most extreme form. However, Dr. Lam, who has a global practice, believes this is an under-diagnosed and under-treated medical condition in our modern world, with all its stressors. Dr. Lam looks at a range of issues, from our high-pressure modern lifestyles to toxins that adversely affect our health, as risk factors. His solutions primarily involve diet, lifestyle, and a broad range of nutrients and herbal supplements and other natural products. This book was quite an undertaking, but resulted in a long, but meaty book. I’m proud to have been a part of making this information accessible to a lay audience.

take_it_backTake it Back! The Personal Power You Give Away Every Day
Kay Potetz, Ph.D.

(Jenkins, Spring 2012)

A consultant, educator, and speaker, Kay wrote this book because her audiences asked for more of her message. Kay is passionate about the concept of personal power—what it is, how we let it drain away every day, and what we can do to hang on to it. When we understand amzon_image_largepersonal power, we have tools to avoid reacting to others’ negative behavior and letting it ruin our days—and rob us of our peace of mind. Instead, we can use personal power in an affirmative way to increase our productivity and focus and enjoy our lives more than we ever imagined possible. I learned a great deal about personal power, and about myself, from working with Kay. To learn more about her book and her work, Visit Kay at

Virginia was my writing coach and my ghostwriter. Throughout our work, her comments and suggestions were indicative of an extremely thoughtful and dedicated individual. I was also impressed by her candor. Virginia weaves her tremendous writing skill with a great deal of understanding and patience. I’ll not write another book without her.

Kay Potetz, Ph.D.
Take it Back! Your Power, That is
February 2012

ElanceThe Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Elance
Karen Lacey
(Alpha, 2012)

I’m listing Karen’s book not because I was involved in the writing, but because I helped her with the book proposal, which can often hold the key to finding a literary agent and publisher for a book. Readers will learn how to expand their business opportunities, whether they’re amzon_image_largefreelancers or those looking to contract for services.

Virginia helped me create my book proposal and within one week I landed my dream agent, and then I signed a contract with a publisher high on my dream list! This was possible because Virginia gently guided me through the process of reworking my proposal into a focused, powerful, and convincing piece. I couldn’t be happier.
Karen Lacey
Book Author/Ghostwriter

AddictionAddiction: The Pathological Relationship to Intoxication and the Interpersonal Neurobiology Underpinnings 
(Recovery Happens Books, 2012)

Jon’s book is thought provoking and important for parents and professionals alike. It breaks new ground and draws from traditional amzon_image_largepsychology and the science of addiction and looks at treatment through a broad lens. Jon contends that adolescent and young adult addicts are not addicted to marijuana, alcohol, ecstasy, oxycontin, heroin, and so forth. In fact, the name of the drug is an illusion, and in reality teens and young adults are hooked on a pathological “relationship to intoxication.”

Wishing_Your_Life_AwayAre You Wishing Your Life Away 
Charles Hughes, MA, LCPC
(Almond in Your Head Books, 2012)

Charles Hughes’ book, which needed only a little tweaking, recommends creating goals based on what we want, not just on what we think we can do. The tone is motivational and enthusiastic. Published in 2013, Charles describes his own life changes in the book, amzon_image_largetoo, and acknowledges the fear and anxiety that often go along with doing what’s necessary to achieve important goals.


Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs: New Tests, New Treatments, Better Options: A Step-by-Step Guide to Cutting Edge Diagnostic Tests and 8 Medically-Proven Treatments

Jay S. Cohen, M.D.
(Oceansong Publishing, 2013)

amzon_image_largeThis is another book that needed only a little tweaking, and it’s also one that has broken new ground. Dr. Cohen recounts his own experiences, which gives the readers information from the perspective a physician who is also a patient. He understands fear and the challenges of sorting through often conflicting information. I recommend this book as a valuable resource for men facing difficult treatment decisions.

Teen_is_LyingHow to Tell if Your Teenager is Lying—and What to Do About it
Alan R. Hirsch, M.D.
Hilton Publishing Company, 2011

Dr. Hirsch is back with a new book. Many parents suspect their teens are not always honest. Without being too intrusive, how can parents know for sure? Dr. Hirsch provides telltale signs, verbal and physical.
Dr. Hirsch’s book is especially valuable for parents who suspect their amzon_image_largeteen is lying to cover up high-risk behavior.


SinusitisWhat Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Sinusitis
Alan Hirsch, MD
Warner Books, 2004

Dr. Hirsch, a neurologist and psychiatrist, covers a great deal of ground in this book that helps readers distinguish between true sinusitis and what he calls “pseudo-sinusitis.” The book includes a discussion about amzon_image_largethe decision to have surgery and suggests possible alternative diagnoses, including migraine headaches.


WhatsYourFoodSignWhat’s Your Food Sign?: How to Use Food Clues to Find Lasting Love
Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2006

This topic may seem like a departure for a neurologist, but as a smell and taste specialist, Dr. Hirsch’s research shows a correlation between amzon_image_largefood preferences and personality. Using that information, he also was able to correlate food preferences with romantic compatibility. This book, along with Scentsational Sex and What Flavor is Your Personality, provide a unique glimpse at human behavior and offers insight into the mystery of attraction. By the way, I recommend What’s Your Food Sign to fiction writers as a tool to help them develop characters.

Visit to learn more about Dr. Hirsch’s research and his books.

Virginia has helped me write all nine of my books and I place enormous value on our collaboration. To say I couldn’t have done it without her is an understatement, and I wouldn’t dream of even starting a book without her guidance.

Like most doctors, my schedule is full and I’d never have found the time to accomplish so much if I hadn’t been able to count on Virginia’s great writing and editing skills. And, she’s as good with people as she is with words.”

Alan R. Hirsch, M.D.

Neurological Director,
Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation



I will act as though what I do makes a difference.
– William James

preventing addictionPreventing Addiction: What Parents Must Know to Immunize Their Kids Against Drug and Alcohol Addiction
John C. Fleming, MD
Crossing House Publishing, 2007
It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Fleming, a family practice doctor, as his “behind the scenes” editor-consultant while he wrote this book. (I have a feeling it’s the first of many books.). Because he sees the consequences of early first use of addictive substances, he’s passionate about educating parents to prevent the problem before it begins. He combines recent scientific information about the developing brain with advice about raising children with good moral character. If you have kids–or grandchildren–you’ll find his book not only informative, but challenging, too.

Dr. Fleming invites readers to join with him on his quest to change the dreary statistics about chemical dependence in our country. Learn more about this book at Update: In 2008, Dr. Fleming entered politics and is now a member of Louisiana delegation in U.S. House of Representatives.

My book presents some new scientific and medical concepts and Virginia has a real gift for making complex material accessible to the average lay reader…she also added fresh perspectives and helped me achieve a balanced approach to the subject of addiction.”

John Fleming, M.D.

Family Practice Physician and
Author of Preventing Addiction


hiddenjury.gifThe Hidden Jury-And Other Secret Tactics Lawyers use to Win
Paul M. Lisnek, JD, Ph.D.
Sourcebooks, Inc., 2003

Paul is a jury consultant and on-camera analyst for jury issues. He also hosts his own television show in Chicago. His book–one of many–gives readers an inside look at jury consulting and trials. He explains the kind of research that takes place before jury selection begins, and he discusses mirror juries, too. I enjoyed working on this boo

k because it explores the philosophy of our legal system. The late Johnnie Cochran wrote an interesting Foreword, too.

Paul’s website includes information about his media work and speaking career, along with information about his other books. Visit him at

I can write my own books, but working with Virginia helps me shape the manuscript to better reach my intended audience…she knows how to “construct” a book proposal to impress an editor and sell the book. Without that assistance, I would be an author without a publisher. When I work with Virginia, I know that my book will actually see completion…and publication!

Paul M. Lisnek, J.D., Ph.D.

Author of many books, including The Hidden Jury 
On-air Legal Analyst, and Anchor, “Newsmakers” on CNN Headline News Channel on the Comcast Network,
and CEO, Decision Analysis Trial Consulting Firm


lifeforce.gifLifeForce: A Dynamic Program for Health, Vitality, and Weight Loss
Jeffrey S. McCombs, DC
Robert Reed, 2001

This book describes a program that Dr. Jeff developed in the early 1990s and has recommended to his patients ever since. Definitely not just another diet book, it is an anti-Candida plan that works with the body to promote greater health and wellbeing. I so enjoyed helping Dr. Jeff with this book–it’s a terrific self-care tool and offers insight into ways to improve lifestyle habits for a lifetime.
Visit to learn more about Dr. Jeff’s work.