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Lorna Lindstrom and Jack Young just got married in the tropics—and their grownup kids don’t like it one bit…

Now the newlyweds feel like a couple of fools. Surely ending their impulsive “cruise ship” marriage is the best solution. Lorna’s two kids and Jack’s daughter sure think so. But their meddling backfires, prompting Jack and Lorna to rethink their plan. Don’t they deserve a happy ending, after all?

A professional organizer, Lorna is a little too proud of her spotless home. She fell in love with Jack’s generous heart, but must he rescue every abandoned dog in town? Jack owns a popular, laidback nostalgia café, with menu items named for ‘60s and ‘70s songs. He feels right at home in Lorna’s bedroom, but he might as well be a stranger everywhere else in her perfect house.

In a matter of days, Lorna puts her organizing skills to work to help Jack’s elderly father, while Jack takes on a new rescue mission, this one involving Lorna’s daughter. But even as their lives become more enmeshed, this “opposites attract” duo can’t quite get in sync. Is it time to admit defeat and go their separate ways? Or can they find a way to make peace with their dueling quirks and have some fun with their second-chance romance?



Winner of the 2015 Write Touch Readers’ Award
in Women’s Fiction

Despite everything, Sarah Whitmore still believes in lucky breaks…

A single act of violence left Sarah pregnant, with her cherished plans for the future in ruins. But she grabs her chance to leave her Wisconsin town behind and create a new life on the South Carolina coast, with help from an aunt and uncle she barely knows.

As a single mother, Sarah’s new life includes Amber, who Sarah vows will never learn the truth about her violent father. Over the next years Sarah tries to heal the psychological trauma she endured, but it’s not easy. Sarah includes her job at an island resort another lucky break, along with her unlikely friendship with Woody, who helps her break out of her shell and develop her talent as a portrait artist.

But even Woody can’t help Sarah believe a relationship with a man is possible for her—ever. Then Sarah meets Barly Rhoads, a dad who fought for the right to be with his child. Barly believes in justice and righting wrongs when he sees them, including fixing his own mistakes.

The past refuses to stay buried when Amber’s father threatens the safe, perfect life Sarah has created for herself and her daughter. Barly proves he will go to any length to protect Sarah and Amber, and in the process exposes some deep wounds of his own. Now Sarah must decide if she’s ready for one more lucky break.

It is the story of one woman’s hard journey after she is victimized in a sexual encounter.

Willing to try to make the perfect life for her daughter on the South Carolina shores, as a young teen parent new to motherhood, she tries to get over her psychological trauma and become a stronger woman for her daughter. Side-by-side, they learn together, as she tries to heal through her hurts and learn to love again.

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Professional speaker, Lindsey Foster is faced with losing her only child, Greta, when Greta is diagnosed with cancer. Desperate to be closer to her during this crisis, Lindsey heads to the picturesque town of Simon’s Point, Wisconsin, where Greta lives. Although Lindsey finds her greatest joy from inspiring her audiences with the healing power of women’s stories, her heart aches over her inability to heal her emotionally distant relationship with her daughter.

Divorced from Greta’s blustery dad, Brian, Lindsey is drawn to him now as they share their fears about Greta. She never expects to experience the drama of becoming involved with her ex-husband or to confront the dilemma of another man falling for her, especially Sam, Greta’s widowed father-in-law. But Sam, quiet and reflective, offers more than friendship and becomes her refuge in this time of crisis and hope.

Willing to do anything to make her daughter happy, Lindsey makes questionable decisions and keeps secrets from Greta, causing more heartbreak. Feeling exiled once again, Lindsey faces choices that will define her future—and especially her relationship with Greta.

This story is currently also featured in the anthology Women of Today, available on Amazon

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Sonia and Aaron didn’t marry for love, but love found them and took them by surprise.

When tragedy struck, Sonia and Aaron’s reason to be together seemed to slip away, along with the love they once shared. Both believe they’ll find closure at an event dedicating a music pavilion to their son, allowing them to say a final goodbye and freeing them to commit to new relationships. But instead of finding peace, memories of the life they shared with their son, Matt, stir up unexpected feelings, prompting them to relive both sweet and painful times of their shared memories of the life they shared…

And they can’t forget Matt’s special gift…

By age five, Matt’s cello teacher declared him a child prodigy. But life with a prodigy can become complicated and even strains Aaron and Sonia’s marriage. Sonia is forced to balance her commitment to Matt and his music with running Chapel’s Botanical Garden, a business she created to save Aaron’s family’s land. Aaron’s law practice leads him to high-profile cases all over the country. Aaron is concerned about music dominating Matt’s childhood, but he eventually understands his son’s gift is already leading him to a life far away from their home in Lady’s River, Wisconsin.

When Matt is taken from them unexpectedly, Aaron and Sonia turn in different directions, eventually going their separate ways. It seems to be working…or is it? For Sonia and Aaron, only a trip through the past will allow them to redeem the future—perhaps even find a shared future again.

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He can’t stay.

She can’t leave.

Luke Rawley lives aboard Midnight, a classic wooden sailboat, in St. Anne’s Island, Georgia. Secretly preparing to sail around the world, he’ll let nothing stop him from fulfilling this dream with Kevin, his 18-year-old son. With years of sobriety bringing hope and stability to Luke’s life, he’s ready to set sail. Until he meets Geneva…

Having spent years avoiding emotional entanglements, he hires Geneva on the spot to cater Midnight’s sunset cruises—and be his hostess, too. She’s a big threat to his heart, and even knows her way around sailboats, but he’s determined not to allow her to jeopardize the goal that has given meaning to his life.

Geneva Saint returns to her beloved St. Anne’s Island, leaving her unfaithful husband behind. Back home to stay, she’s determined to heal old wounds. Geneva vows to help her brother’s troubled family, including her teenage nieces, Malory and Lila, and her sister-in-law whose health is deteriorating fast. Establishing her one-woman catering company on St. Anne’s is all Geneva needs to complete her St. Anne’s life.

Until she encounters Luke…

Geneva recognizes a restless spirit when she sees one and sensing Luke has bigger plans than running lunch and sunset cruises, she fights falling for her tall, lanky boss, who also makes her laugh. Sooner or later, she knows she’ll end up watching Luke sail away without her. Where will that leave her? Abandoned once more. Alone. Especially since her efforts to help her family have hurt more than helped.

Kevin and Malory, both magnets for trouble, trigger family entanglements and expose a few secrets, too. But it’s 13-year-old Lila, committed to doing whatever it takes to heal her mother who has secret plans of her own and shows the adults in her life and her older sister what a dose of courage can do.

With the future on the line, Luke is jolted into facing the truth about his dreams while Geneva asks herself if she can ever trust anyone again who claims her heart.